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Consider online games to develop better disasters systems

Online games can make a better world and create a better disaster recovery system. Please watch this video below on a summary of how online games can help.


Let us take wildfires for example. We need to detect then put out wildfires as soon as they begin. This link below has current technology to detect wildfires.


Could they install more cell phone towers with this technology on top of them? Can there be a better system? They would allow our youth, who are the most creative, to play an online game to develop the best wildfire detection system.

Then FEMA could use several heavy lifting drones to spread fire retardant on these fires as soon as they are detected.

The list does not stop there for how online games can solve the many challenges facing FEMA. There could be big prizes for those youth who develop and score the highest on these online games, including college scholarships.

So in summary, please consider allowing our youth develop then play new online games to solve the many challenges facing FEMA. It may be a smart thing to do.




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