Dynamic Partnerships

Developing Preparedness Awareness

I suggest that Emergency Managers (EMs) provide their communities with regular preparedness reminders on specific topics of interest. Some of these preparedness hints might be made by joint sponsors; e.g. EMs & local law enforcement, public health, and so on. The idea is to get and keep people thinking about being prepared in all things.


An example of a joint EM - Health Dept. preparedness announcement is as follows:

Now that tick season is here, its time to employ small tubs of dry ice and thick white felt to capture and remove ticks from your yard/ garden areas. Ticks hunt by CO2 detection, so the melting dry ice produces CO2 ...and the thick white felt captures the CO2. With the white felt cut to fully cover your small tubs of dry ice, and touch the ground on all sides, your local ticks will crawl on the felt and remain there for hours thinking they are about to get their next meal. After 4 to 6 hours, you should have collected a large number of ticks you can bag and trash ...or otherwise dispose of... along with the felt. (If you place one of these tubs near a tick nesting area, you may get over 100 ticks in the first hour.)


The idea is to be constantly helpful to your community while helping people sustain a preparedness attitude.



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