Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

Educate homeowners about rebuilding process

Although FEMA response efforts generally focus on life safety matters, in recent years it has been burdened with rebuilding. I believe this happened because there is no one government agency that oversees construction. For example, there are agencies at state level that address workers' comp. There are state agencies that regulate licensing. There are agencies at state and federal level that address fraud. In response to the need to quickly rebuild, FEMA launched a Rapid Repair program. Although I think this does lessen the time homeowners are in temporary housing, and it helps prevent damage from mold, and loss due to theft, I wonder what type of liability FEMA incurs. (FEMA designates the contractors who do the work.) One thing I do know is that homeowners need to be better informed about the construction and contracting process. The information that exists is generally limited to "hire a licensed and insured contractor." Although some building departments provide more comprehensive information, I do not think they have the resources for outreach programs.



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