Priority 4 – Enable Disaster Risk Reduction Nationally

Embedding into every 'electronic device' need to know info

In every emergency or disaster there's a disruption in all wireless service, making this particular segment of time critical for 'need to know info' . . . an obvious fact. So then tell me, why is it that we still don't have a comprehensive 'native app' on every device, sitting atop the operating system of every smartphone, tablet and pad, ready to reveal the critical content necessary to increase the success rate of those facing an emergency or disaster? You do realize that with the advancement in technology that we can now train a 'ping' to activate embedded content right? Where to go, how to get there, and what to do once you've arrived would be embedded and updated with the geo-coded information specific to area. No need to stop and update a single purpose app, or more commonly referred to as 'those one trick ponies'. This would run in concert with every Carrier, providing this valuable offering to their subscribers, and profiting even though the info would be provided FREE to one and all, making readiness a reality and preparedness a common occurrence, and not being ready the anomaly. This is possible, and the goal we all need to work towards if we are going to be serious about changing the way we approach disasters tomorrow, and the next day.



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