Hazard Mitigation Planning

Expand Support for Planning

Ensuring applicants/subapplicants have adequate resources and funding to develop robust, comprehensive hazard mitigation plans is the cornerstone to improving mitigation and building resilient communities. The HMA grant funding should permit conceptual designs to be incorporated into the plan development process in order to jump-start application development that will lead to implementation. FEMA should maintain the current procedure of an equal minimum set aside for all applicants and should add a minimum set aside specifically to fund hazard mitigation plans. Such a minimum ensures applicants with fewer resources to pursue complex projects are provided a fair opportunity—in comparison to resource-rich States—to pursue mitigation projects which lower the applicant's risk. Additionally, many applicants rely upon annual PDM funding to maintain plans and proactively implement mitigation projects; however, FEMA's prioritization of hazard mitigation plans is still competitive. This competitive nature of the funding leaves communities exposed to the possibility of not receiving funds to develop hazard mitigation plans, therefore being out of compliance and ineligible to receive assistance to implement projects. If BRIC funds only allow applicants who have been granted a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration in the prior seven years to be eligible, then the opportunity for the lapse—or degradation in quality—of plans and collapse of mitigation programs due to a lack of funding is significantly increased.



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