Process Administration & Letters of Map Change

FEMA Does Not Need to Peform Reviews of LOMAs

FEMA has the responsibility to appropriately map the SFHA, however the existing LOMA process absorbs much of the annual funds. The agency could just no longer review LOMAs to achieve the costs savings. If you take a look at the LOMA process, it requires a registered professional to certify the property is not in the SFHA. Why should FEMA not just accept the professional seal and grant the LOMA? The Professional carries liability insurance and the home owner has a recourse for errors or if they are mis lead. If FEMA were to adopt this policy, the entire process could be fully automated and drastically reduce costs. It would also allow FEMA to capture the elevation data to use in future map updates. This process is really no different than Levee compliance certifications. It’s evident that the Professional community has taken liability very seriously. FEMA could always do a compliance check periodically if an unusual number of LOMAs are filed in geography or by one individual.



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