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FEMA-Tested Damage Assessment Reporting Mobile App

RunMobile DARS (Damage Assessment Reporting Solution) combines a mobile app for creating damage assessment reports on a smartphone or tablet with a backend database and web-based dashboard for viewing aggregate data in a Command Center environment. Compared to traditional paper and pen assessment gathering, DARS speeds report collection, while improving accuracy and legibility. Assessors can submit reports in real-time and append photo and video evidence in support of damage claims.


In tests conducted with FEMA in Region V, the app has:


-Improved the accuracy of data capture, compared to paper methods, through use of standardized data fields, drop-down selections and device-based data capture.

-Reduced overall time required to enter an assessment

- Improved data analysis was improved as a result of the browser-based view into aggregate, real-time assessment reports

- Provided greater data transparency as local, state and federal officials could view incoming data simultaneously in real-time

- Aided accuracy and documentation with geo-coding and photo capture features


We look forward to continuing to share data regarding the app and its efficacy in speeding and improving damage reporting with the disaster management community.


Learn more at www.runmobile.com and http://www.runmobile.com/app-development/industry-solutions/damage-assessment-reporting/



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