Process Administration & Letters of Map Change

FEMA can do H&H themselves

The Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) process could be streamlined and accelerated if LOMR requesters (community officials or private parties) had the option of asking FEMA to perform the Hydrology and Hydraulics (H&H) modeling required to support their submittal and also prepare the resulting mapping. Requestors would supply supporting topography or survey data, certified “as built” plans, etc., and would pay a higher review and processing fee for FEMA to perform the H&H and mapping. This approach has several advantages including less FEMA resources spent reviewing incomplete and/or poor submittals requiring multiple submissions and reviews. Further, preparation of the analyses and modeling by FEMA would increase consistency in the products and result in more efficient incorporation of LOMRs into new watershed studies. Each LOMR determination could be reviewed by the community before it is issued to ensure buy-off on the LOMR’s results.



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