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FEMA's Disaster Websites Are A Disaster: FIX THEM!

FEMA needs a "Website Usability Specialist" to go through their websites to make sure they make sense to people who don't work for the agency!


The main FEMA website ( and its subsequent disaster pages are confusing to navigate, difficult to understand, poorly laid out, and not intuitively designed for the mobile user.


On the disaster webpages for Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria there are cumbersome maps listed at the top of the page, receiving "second billing" behind the "Apply for Assistance" button, but BEFORE the translations. The maps serve no useful purpose to the layperson, and the translation links should be higher up, preferably after the headline title.


When you land on any respective webpage, it's not clear if you're in the right place. I've seen at least two (2) U.S. Virgin Islands pages (one for Irma, one for Maria). Which one do I need? Why is there no interlinking between the pages? Are Irma and Maria interchangeable disasters, where you can apply for either and receive the same assistance? Good way to cut the red tape, if true, though I suspect, it isn’t.


More confusing language exists on Under "Hurricanes Irma & Harvey", the hyperlinked text is confusing, doesn't make much sense, and doesn’t specify which link is for Harvey/Irma.


Finally, the "Navigation", "Search" and "Languages" sections just take up valuable screen "real estate". Plus, clicking "Navigation" made me immediately regret it!


Please fix these webpages for the sake of the people who desperately need the information therein! Thanks. 🙂



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