Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

First Responder

I am NFPA & IFSAC certified in Fire fighting & First responder.There has got to be a system set up so that we are mobilized through FEMA. Watching Sandy victims when I know we are more than qualified to do what we are trained for.Governor's have data for all their EMA offices & the First responders. We need a central system.This has been the case for years.Organization is not a strong suit for FEMA. Why haven't all EMA offices been alerted to the real help needed on the east coast? We need to work together to write a program that works & get it approved before the next disaster. People aren't prepared, we all see that during these crisis. Anyone with contacts higher up in FEMA, let them know I am ready to go. Why aren't all available first responders already there? IC is not rocket science. Lets step this up since we have a disaster now. Victims are being directed to online services for FEMA. These people do not have power. Hello, Emergency Broadcasting needs to be used to get information to the families. Not knowing is worse than waiting.



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