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Characteristics of invention

System innovation deals with all major fires.

Fires of high buildings, fires of petroleum and its derivatives.

Fire of private and public facilities

System of invention.

The system is used on a vertical windshield truck

The system uses an aircraft loader.

The system uses a fixed room at important sites.

First order:

A system loaded on a truck carrying 30 tons of extinguishing materials, noting that there is no fire truck in the world carrying the package of fire extinguishers capacity of about 5 cars at the present time

Second System:

A 15-ton (15 ton) fire-fighting helicopter is mounted on a helicopter. It is the largest load on a world-class aircraft.

Third System:

The combination of important site spaces is done


The system works without any firefighters

Advantages of innovation

Determining the quality of flammable materials

Determine the area of the ignition spot

Determine the direction of fire

System work

The siege of the fire

Immediate Dealing



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