Capacity & Capability Building

Gaps Must Be Identified and Filled

Overarching we advocates for rules, regulations, and implementation of the mitigation grant programs which allows for flexibility, introduces simplicity, and builds capacity. It's essential to build applicant and subapplicant mitigation implementation capacity through technical assistance. Expansion of the allowable and desirable projects under HMA requires additional capacity to navigate projects within the Federal grant process to completion successfully. Large-scale infrastructure projects are complex, multi-faceted projects requiring skills, capacity, and flexibility beyond projects currently funded through HMA. However, these projects are a substantial potential path to achieving community and regional risk reduction. Additional assistance before project submission will be a prerequisite for many, if not all, large-scale infrastructure project proposals. Applicants/subapplicants will require additional support from FEMA in order to be properly trained on the grants management and project management of all scales of projects. In terms of large infrastructure projects, an engineering skill set will be imperative to the effective implementation of these projects. Many State and local communities lack this skill set within their mitigation program offices. Applicants/subapplicants will need additional support from FEMA in order to fill this gap. The greatest challenge an applicant/subapplicant will face in filling this gap independently will be funding.



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