Mitigation Investment for the Nation

Geographically Uniques Areas Require Specific Planning

As we have seen during the 2017 hurricane season, the United States has multiple unique geographic areas to respond to; Pacific, Caribbean, Alaska, and Monroe County, FL. I can only speak to Monroe County, Florida presently as to its uniqueness for FEMA. It is a string of keys/islands with one road in and one road out; the county is divided into 4 areas: upper keys, middle keys, lower keys, and Key West a series of islands connected by multiple bridges, approximately 120 miles long and maybe 7-8 miles wide at its widest point; a single main power line, maintained by two companies; extremely limited open space and available commercial space;. the entire county is either an environmentally protected area (Federal & State), and has several designated historical sites/areas, protected species on land and water; and add that the majority of the land is only above water by 7 feet give or take 3 feet. As in Hurricane Irma, the Keys were impacted from minimal to major damage, for both IA & PA. Developing a Geographically specific plan would allow for the pre-designation of where FEMA would base from, DRC areas of consideration, and how IA, HAZMIT, EHP and PA will work with all the various federal , state, county, and municipal governments to respond to and recover from another storm. Bringing in trailers and pre-staging was determined not to be the best method for Monroe County as space was limited.



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