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Good Communication. Deaf Ears?

Once again our nations ability (or rather the lack there of) to communicate with survivors of catastrophe was crystal clear in the wake of Sandy. Efforts to communicate better integrated systems, hardened structure caches, deployable assets, and such with REAL promise for REAL emergency PREPAREDNESS continue to fall on deaf ears. Response is NOT enough; never has been and never will be - we must be prepared. Why do I personally possess more powerful communication technology in my garage than FEMA, DHS, NYPD, and NYFD combined. How many people after the storm do you imagine had a working TV, radio, cellular phone, or other communication device? Would you agree a person with intelligence from an authority is less prone to panic and more apt to plan? Would you consider life saving knowledge a critical asset to persons or populations during a catastrophe? Would having the resources; food, water, blankets, and clothes at ground zero, rather than waiting for donations and interstate transportation to deliver these resources benefit response efforts? Would having generators, fuel, and medical supplies on location BEFORE the event occurs benefit response efforts?



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