Grant Project Evaluation

Grant Management Fundamentals Specific to HMA Programs

Grant project evaluation requires proper and best grant management practices. This capability varies widely from applicant to applicant. Grant management practice improvements require transparency in FEMA's data collection with corresponding feedback to applicants on areas requiring improvement. Notification of improvement can be translated into actionable outcomes with increased FEMA assistance around financial and grant management practices. Greater emphasis should be placed on providing assistance to applicants prior to pursuing corrective actions. This includes developing Grants Management resources and courses specifically for the HMA programs. The HMA programs have nuisances that require special consideration versus the broad stroke topics currently taught in the FEMA Fundamentals of Grant Management course. In terms of evaluating the performance of an activity less focus should be placed on speed in which funds are utilized and the attention should be placed on the real world implementation of projects. The actual protection level of the project should be evaluated rather than evaluating how funds are dispersed throughout implementation. FEMA should conduct regular site visits to discuss the implementation and performance of projects.



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