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Grant of the Month: Upgrade of Road Drainage and Water Main

Examples of mitigation projects with HMA grants to be posted monthly to encourage communities to apply for HMA grants.


Project: Upgrade of Road Drainage and Water Main, Town of Brookfield, MA

2016 HMGP


The small town of Brookfield, MA received a $177,227 Hazard Mitigation Grant for the Highway and Water Departments to upgrade the drainage and water mains which service a low lying area of Mill St. The area was prone to annual flooding to a depth of 18” usually lasting 3-7 days. The flooding caused a closure of a major rural connector which is travelled daily by 3200 vehicles. Not only did the flooding impact commuters by adding a 1.5 mile detour but it increased the safety risks for motorists who ignored the road closure signs and required emergency services.


The project included raising the elevation of the road by three feet and increasing the size of the culvert pipe. A complicating factor to this project was the location of the culvert pipe directly on top of the cast iron water main installed in the 1880’s. The cast iron water main sat on top of a corduroy road built by the railroad out of railroad ties across unstable soil.


All work was done by the town Highway and Water Departments, including removal of existing road surface, gravel fill, existing culvert and water main, installation of new culvert and water main, backfilling, installation of rip rap at the inlet and outlet areas, installation of headwalls, reconfiguration of slopes and restoration of growth.


Since the installation of the upgraded culvert there have been no flooding or road closures.




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