Mitigation Framework: General

Hazard Mitigation Planning Cycles

Currently, 44 CFR Part 201 dictates that States must update their Hazard Mitigation Plans every three years to maintain eligibility to receive Hazard Mitigation Assistance funding. This requirement has several drawbacks that lessons the effectiveness of the mitigation programs as a whole. The three year time frame does not give the State's adequate time to actually act on mitigation strategies and objectives listed in their state plan. The expense of writing these plans continue to escalate which will continue to drain available disaster and non-disaster grant funding from FEMA. The millions of dollars spent on mitigation planning takes away from potential mitigation projects that actually impacts a community. Although planning is a very important facet in the mitigation process, I would like to see the update requirement extended to five years instead of three. This would allow the States to actually follow through with mitigation strategies before the next plan is due. Extending the time frame to five years will also spread out the funding obligation which would allow for more actual mitigation projects to come to fruition.



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