Include Mitigation Stakeholders In Outreach

During the hazard mitigation planning process cross sector collaboration is encouraged and stressed in order to ensure stakeholders from all community lifelines are integrated into the plan to reduce risk. Currently, the focus on community lifelines has been within the operations phases of emergency management. FEMA must begin to incorporate community lifelines education to mitigation stakeholders. At a minimum FEMA should conduct outreach to incorporate mitigation stakeholders on the following: education on community lifelines and their role in Emergency Management functions; best practices for incorporating community lifelines into mitigation activities; increased opportunities for collaborative outreach and awareness campaigns for subapplicants; and training to develop subapplications, including conducting BCA for each community lifeline. In addition, if community lifelines will be an important part of BRIC implementation, then HMA requires an expansion of eligible activities to allow a wide variety of projects that will align with all seven community lifelines. The applicants and subapplicants will then need clear FEMA guidance on eligible activities for each community lifeline. To immediately incorporate community lifelines into mitigation, guidance on how community lifelines build into current HMA-eligible activities will benefit all stakeholders.



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