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Iowa Cedar Rapids 2008 flood

While Flood Project Coordinator for Cedar Rapids, I repaired many much needed Park and Rec building. I really don't understand why we are still planning on spending any money for The Seminole Valley Farmstead that was flooded to 12 feet. The buildings are pretty much worthless with the exception of the ones that I repaird. Now the barn is condemned and so is the machinery shed. the tool shed washed away as well as the chicken coop. Why on earth could we not just put up signs describing the buildings to the tourists and just demo the rest of the buildings? I have spoken with the operators that show up on this site and they only have four events on this site a year. This is a complete waste of over a million dollars that FEMA could be using in other areas where people have lost everything. No one lives on this farm and it is still located in the 100 year flood plane. I just don't understand that if this Farm was that important than why has it taken so long to repair it. The money that FEMA allowed the state and city is not enough anyway and the operators do not generate any income to pay for anything. Take this money back and use it where it is needed and not wasted. Thank you. Robert Hubbard RET USN CPO Disabled VET



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