Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

It is not a messaging problem, it's a knowledge problem

Perhaps a more significant problem than messaging is our lack of qualified knowledge of the capabilities and assets that reside in the very neighborhoods we assume are deficient. Then, we are puzzled at the absence of success in applying our typically “needs-oriented” solutions. As a result we foster a community of residents that behave as clients dependent on the insufficient services of outside organizations. Dependency is at the other end of the spectrum from resilience and we should be encouraging the identification, practice and production of resilience enhancing activities and attributes in a holistic fashion. As long as we maintain our ignorance as “outside” service providers and follow the command and controlled, top down, government knows best tactic to educating the masses we lose valuable opportunities to affect the long term growth and prosperity of our communities and in doing so facilitate their vulnerability to disaster.



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