Recovery Planning Guidance

Keeping Medical Information With Evacuated Patients

It is important in a mass evacuation to keep all information about patients WITH the patients. Keeping all information updated on a facility computer system, evacuations can be made with the patient's medical information on his person. This can be done by downloading his records to a small drive or memory card. This will be attached to the patient via a wristband or necklace and will travel with the patient. That way when patients become separated from their group, which happens in large scale evacuations, any health care professional can use the information to discover the patient's information, diagnosis, history, medications, next of kin information, any X-rays or other scans, and emergency contact information for the facility staff. Ideally, this should become a nationwide system with a common encryption program that is used by health care facilities so that any incoming patient can be assessed and redirected to the appropriate facility and his whereabouts listed for location purposes.



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