Process Administration & Letters of Map Change

LOMC processing as a single, non A&E contract

The current LOMC process is inefficient, full of cost redundancy, creates operational inconsistencies and is not cost effective for the program. LOMC processing is more fundamentally aligned with proven commercial practices in GIS technology, flood zone determination and application batch processing than A&E centric DFIRM production. The majority of LOMC cases require an out of the box analysis that needs no advanced A&E knowledge. It is strongly recommended that this FEMA requirement be separately competed on a nationwide, full and open competitive basis. A nationwide, full and open contract would:

•Facilitate FEMA’s selection of a support vendor for this important function on an overall “Best Value” determination basis – implementing source selection evaluation factors which accommodate technical, management, past performance, and pricing factors as delineated by FEMA.

•Lead to new innovations and an ability to leverage proven automated flood determination and spatial analysis technologies that would streamline the process and provide added efficiencies.

•Consolidate all LOMC processing under one contract providing much needed process and tool integration that would add consistency across all regions, while leveraging a standard set of tools and desktop procedures

•Provide higher realization of cost savings to FEMA – eliminating the procurement of redundant administrative , oversight, and back-office support systems across multiple vendors



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