Process Administration & Letters of Map Change

Letters of Map Change - Electronic Mapping Back to Communties

When a LOMR is finalized, the community it is in is sent a letter finalizing the map change along with a small paper copy of the re-delineated floodplain boundary and affected flood profile. The community then has to scan that paper drawing and do their best to recreate the revised floodplain boundary in their own GIS system of floodplain mapping. A CAD drawing that FEMA uses to re-delineate the floodplain should be mailed to the local community to ease their update of the GIS FEMA floodplain mapping they keep on their own system. LOMR-Fs that revise the floodplain boundary with a metes and bounds SFHA floodplain removal description are revised in the same way, with FEMA not submitting to the local community a revised floodplain boundary drawing. More should be done by FEMA in the LOMC process to make it easier for local communties to implement the floodplain map changes.



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