Medical Responses

Medical Diplomacy/Disaster Response

The concepts, percolating since the Mozambique flood of 2000


Global Peace Partners, bridges the turbulent waters of political, religious, cultural and social boundaries through medical diplomacy. Taking the lead before disaster strikes, our Care Convoy delivers Search, Rescue and Medical Equipment to enable nations to be better prepared for the disasters growing in frequency and intensity around the world.


Currently Gifts in Kind in Medical/Rescue/Fire/Paramedic run about

$1 Million/month)


Our Rapid Response Program (under development) will utilize the skills of Veteran Medics to move into a region quickly to close the critical 72 hour gap before rescue needs to be turned to recovery.


Our SAR program will solicit the agility skills of our native communities and provide an elite training in Search and Rescue to be offered on short notice to the global community.


Working behind the front of Rapid Response is the development of a Paramedic Training to be offered to any nation in the world, the core component that we have to work together, respect each other, beyond differences of political or religious opinion in order for this planet to remain intact.


Our Air University Surgery will work tirelessly to secure a safer saner world through next generation medical technology combined with the most advanced aeronautics, molded with the art of diplomacy and the heart of Compassion as we build the first complete surgery center aboard a 747-400 complimented with a 757 supply plane.


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