Disaster Resilience Indicators

Mitigating hurricane losses while saving/ generating clean energ

A LEED rated composite as roofing was evaluated by the Hurricane Testing Laboratory who concluded that no critera exsits for testing. The toughest building code body in America sees this development as "Revolutionizing construction".


Florida's current administration opposes all developments that save energy. The state ranks #1 in killing green jobs/businesses based on its abundant sunshine.


The composite has thermai properties akin to NASA Space Shttle tiles, and ballistic properties. Of course, the roofing sector does not wish to see this game changer being commercially available. Gov. Rick Scott is opposed to anything that is "green".


PV properties can be embedded in the composite while "setting", thus leads to "Solarizing America on the Cheap". which could create inestimable green jobs.


There would be no upfront costs to most property owners based on in place programs. How could this development be blocked by shaddy politiics.


In FEMA's disasterous response to ordering $1.2 billion worth of trailers on the aftermath of Katrina that were a danger to health, how could this happen?


If the trailers could have been given a long dose of steam, the outgasing would have been controlled. Didn't anybody at FEMA bring this alternative to the table?


One would believe that FEMA would advance hurricane resistant roofing. Is anyone thinking? Why the resistance to innovation?


Please provide an explanation.ASAP. Thank you.



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