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Mobile food delivery trucks

I have been a First Responder in Super Storm Sandy The Far Rockaways, New York. I noticed that the soup kitchens on the street corners and the mobile food delivery trucks giving us support and FREE food daily to all First Responders sometimes were not distributed evenly. This meant that depending on where I was as a Team Leader in the 50s to the 90s would determine how far our Team had to walk to get food as we were burning many calories daily. I was told in the many thousands. I just wonder if in the next Super Storm if it was possible to have these local food heroes register before an emergency developed so FEMA or whomever could evenly distribute these needed resources. The weather was at times really cold and we sometimes got hot clam chowder on the corner only to have to walk in a mile or so to our destination. I am new to being a First Responder in a LARGE National emergency so I do not know what has been the case here. I know there are many FEMA talents on this IDEASCALE way above mine to help answer my novice question. I just love reading ALL your great comments as a real learning experience and sometimes way better than book learning. Thanks all you IDEASCALE heroes. Captain Kamansky



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