Simplifying Recovery and Reducing Disaster Costs

National Skill Reserve Force(NSRF)

FEMA please Create a national skill reserve force. Outline of the project is as below: 1. Impart skill training for able bodied men and women nationwide, recruiting veterans retired from military, healthy retirees who want to do seasonal work, unemployed people , college students etc. train them as carpenters, electricians, electronic techs, masons, roofers , plumbers, IT personnels, planners, book keepers, engineers, aux nurses, health workers etc based on their background and aptitude. The duration may be 3 months, 6 months or a year. Train them to work like disciplined para military teams. 2. Create a national register of such trained personnel. Those who are not regularly engaged in their trained trade, should be given refresher training/ work at least for a few weeks every year. 3. Use them ,at places were disaster strikes, on daily, weekly basis for relief work, and for rebuilding.If there are not enough people available at location of disaster, bring people from outside. 4. An example where they could be engaged is to build lakes, Upstream of Houston and underground ducts to drain water from resorvoirs to gulf Costco that we will not be badly affected by future hurricanes.



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