Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

National preparedness standards

While not an advocate of a Federal law for everything, I think national preparedness must indeed be NATIONAL. The states have uneven preparedness mandates for schools, but schools could be the foundation of national preparedness efforts. Schools could devote an hour or two each month for some aspect of age-appropriate preparedness instruction. This information will, in my experience, find its way to the students' homes, thereby ramping up the parents as well. While different potential disasters predominate in different sections of the nation, establishing a national mandate and national standards for training and preparedness in all schools (public AND private) will create a base of preparedness knowledge. There should also be some type of criminal penalty for school administrators who fail to implement such training. After 25 years in school emergency planning/ management, I don't want to hear one more administrator giving out weak excuses for why the training already required is not being done. Obviously, I have not thought out all the details, but I am more than open to suggestions. I have worked with administrators whose own psychological weaknesses keep students unprepared, and it is about time that stops. If the reality-challenged want to be unpreared at home, then that is their right, but no longer should they be allowed to "skate along" endangering the kids.



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