Strategic Foresight Initiative


Augmenting the current wild fire fighting methods by utilizing dry ice pellets on wild fires

could give firefighters an unprecedented edge.

PLANE AND HELICOPTER DROPS of volumes of dry ice pellets, similar to slurry and water drops from aircraft, followed by what could then be more effective water drops on 'cooled', less intense fire zones.

BLASTING DRY ICE FROM WILD FIRE TRUCKS with equipment similar to that used to "blast clean fire damaged buildings",with water fire trucks putting down any remaining fire faster when used in tandem with cold CO2 pellet sprays.

CLOUD SEEDING WITH DRY ICE (NOT silver nitrate). Many countries use cloud seeding to

combat drought, clear airborne pollution and to control when/where it will rain for better timing

around other events. Often weather reports state that "rain evaporated before it hit the

ground due to the heat" or perfect clouds roll past the fire zones, only to rain in "cooler"

areas outside the fire zones. CLOUD SEEDING (1/8 in. pellets) OF AVAILABLE CLOUDS OVER FIRE ZONES can significantly and consistently increase available water to assist in controlling the fires.

This cloud seeding method (1/8 - 1/4 in. pellets) COULD ALSO BE USED TO REDUCE AMOUNT OF

DEBRIS AND EMBERS CARRIED IN FIRESTORM CLOUDS (which include super heated water) by

"raining" it back into the fire zone in the rain instead of letting it drift and drop embers elsewhere.

Dry ice is a virtually unlimited , renewable material that is immediately available, delivery is

a common event and the disbursement equipment is readily available.



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