Funding & Resource Management

Permit PAS for Non-Disaster Grant Programs

FEMA should allow applicants greater oversight of funding activities. The current oversight regime is overly restrictive through the numerous stipulations requiring applicants to serve as the "middle man" to convey information and arrange reviews between subapplicants and FEMA. Per the FEMA Strategic Plan, the most effective strategies for emergency management are those that are Federally supported, state managed, and locally executed. The Program Administration by State (PAS) is a fantastic example of federal innovation which pushes emergency management towards the most effective strategies. Expanding the PAS program to encompass all Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) programs can bring flexibility and simplicity to the grant process for all participants while allowing FEMA to focus attention on increasing State and local capacity. Further evolving the HMA programs into block grant-style funding can allow for states, tribes, and territories to push the boundaries of mitigation towards phased mitigation activities and allow for the agility to responsibly meet emerging needs. One challenge that exists in managing funding and resources is the lack of communication within branches at FEMA. The suggested course of action is for FEMA to develop cohesiveness and consistency between FEMA National HQ and Regions. FEMA HQ issues guidance and resources which encourage new approaches to mitigation; however, experience shows that it is difficult to obtain buy-in and acceptance for novel mitigation approaches at the regional level.



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