Priority 4 – Enable Disaster Risk Reduction Nationally

Preparedness Priority for National Security Targets

Priority should be given to areas of extreme national security. Fort Knoxx, Cape Canaveral, New York City, etc. All of these areas house an important target: gold reserves, US spaceport, Wall Street. These are large targets that should get priority over other areas. Security is already heightened in these areas, however public training and preparedness is often lax. By giving priorities to these areas and encouraging training and cooperation in the public, military and civilian personnel could be relieved to secure their priority systems and information, while adequately preparing the population for little too no immediate assistance. Whether through the Red Cross, CERT, direct FEMA operatives, volunteer emergency services and law enforcement personnel, further funding and training should be given in these areas as well as others so that at least some of the affecting region is able to maintain it's stability and allowing command and control to retain a workable infrastructure.



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