Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

Preparing for Recovery and the NDRF

When first-responders leave the scene of a disaster, the survivors often become overwhelmed by the trauma, shock, and stress brought about by losing their home or being displaced. The state of chaos created by disasters coupled with the lack of knowledge of what to do in the aftermath makes disaster survivors vulnerable to making uninformed decisions or falling prey to the many pitfalls that accompany post-disaster scenarios. In the absence of a pertinent post-disaster or pre-disaster recovery plan designed specifically for individuals and families, disaster survivors can easily become disaster victims in the days following a disaster. People need to clearly understand the issues disaster survivors face after a disaster including displacement and relocation, locating lost loved ones or pets, locating financial assistance, navigating the insurance claim process, handling personal property and creating an inventory, dealing with smoke and water damage, selecting contractors, dealing with hazardous materials like asbestos or lead based paint, safety precautions, where to find trauma intervention and grief counseling, how to identify and avoid disaster scams, etc. To address these issues, a vast array of FREE resources, links, and downloads has been provided at that will help people prepare for recovery and have the ability to understand what the recovery process entails. This is the type of information that helps to fulfill the mission of the NDRF.



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