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Providing Equal Access to Emergency and Disaster Information

Local communities and individual residents in general lack the skills, education and know-how to properly prepare themselves for emergencies and disasters. This can be attributed to many factors but the following three major factors will be discussed here. First, people in general have failed to be prepared for emergencies and disasters because they have not been made aware of the dangers and hazards that may affect their local communities. Second, readiness campaigns in the past have only offered limited access to generalized information that is not geographically specific to the types of threats each community might face. Third, people without internet access have been left without any easily accessible way to get information on how to prepare for emergencies and disasters. A solid and cost effective solution that would reach a diverse audience and be able to provide geographically specific and expert organized information about local hazards and how to prepare accordingly is needed. The solution proposed here is simple, cheap and easy to maintain. Placing bulletin board type structures in all the city, county and state parks that would feature disaster information and local hazard information is a good way to involve residents in being proactive about disaster preparedness. Unlike other methods used to prompt residents in the past to become disaster ready, this program would actually provide an abundant amount of information that would be location specific, all in one place, reliable, easily accessible, in multiple languages and free.



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