Mitigation Investment for the Nation

Public Service Announcement on Preparedness and FEMA purpose.

FEMA should create and broadcast public service announcements immediately before, during and after hurricane season to articulate three (3) themes: Inform the American public of their personal responsibility for emergency preparedness. Americans need to mature into an individually responsible, preparedness culture - evacuating upon demand, storing 3 days food, clothing, water, personal effects and medications at hand, and maintaining requisite personal property and flood insurance. The public and the media's expectations regarding the FEMA scope and extent of activity, operations and influence in the response and recovery efforts must be level-set. The myth and misnomer that FEMA make citizens whole after an incident must be dispelled. The public needs to understand that FEMA provides funds for immediate, short-term needs (food clothing and temporary housing or repairs to make housing habitable), and the gap between this assistance and making citizens whole is accomplished through their own individual preparedness and voluntary organizations active in disasters (VOADs) and some state programs. The public also needs to be aware: FEMA does not deploy our first responders into harms way. Thus the need for personal preparedness responsibility, i.e., evacuating upon demand and having 3 days supplies of necessities and personal effects - how long it may take FEMA and VOADs to arrive. As the world's premier emergency management manager and coordinator, FEMA should subscribe to, request creation of or contribute to an international standard for emergency management and promote



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