Medical Responses

Rapid Hospital Capability Expansion for Disasters

FEMA: Most larger hospitals in major metropolitan areas have multilevel parking garages in close proximity to their main structure. In the case of a pandemic like the 1918 Bird Flu, the hospital's capacity would be soon overrun. Additionally, the hospitals would still need to provide their regular services to the community even with a great influx of flu patients. While military tents at off site locations could be employed, it would be far better if the ajoining parking structures could be rapidly converted into bed space so as to access the hospital's infrastructure. It should be possible to do a study on this which uses redily available local resources, such as roll poly, rental heating systems, inflatable beds, etc. While it would be possible to convert a parking garage into bed space rapidly, a study should be conducted by universities on how this would be accomplished and some sort of modular master plan developed in case this option was called upon.



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