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Re-Building Plans for Owners of Home/ Business Loss from Fires

With all the hundreds of homes/ businesses being lost from recent fires, FEMA should work to encourage owners of these structures not to simply build the same way to facilitate burning again in the next fire.


I suggest that FEMA ask the insurance companies to provide these property owners with plans for earth sheltered homes/ businesses that will resist destruction by fire, tornadoes, looting, and WMD (weapons of mass destruction) attacks. My quick survey indicates that there are engineers and architects who are willing to provide such plans at no cost. The insurance companies could thus help prevent future losses and avoid many claims payments for damages.


My charity, NPI, has plans for green (100 percent self-sufficient) earth sheltered homes ...and we are seeking ways to get these plans to victims of home/ business loss from recent fires. I will be contacting insurance companies to help get these plans to those persons who can best use them.



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