Resource Distribution

Real-Time Emergency Service Allocation Response System (RESARS)

Rapid disaster information systems are becoming important means for strengthening prevention and social resilience against the adverse effects of major natural events and should therefore become the keystones of disaster mitigation. According to reported statistics from losses due to past earthquake, it seems that earthquake early-warning systems have not been so successful in real disastrous situations. Although there have been efforts to reduce the seismic risk in earthquake-prone areas, because the prediction of earthquakes is not yet practicable, the functionality of practicality of these systems are not fully satisfactory. Nevertheless, real-time loss estimation to help emergency response and recovery is an important issue in resource allocation after earthquake. Emergency response teams may be dispatched where they are needed most if they know which areas or urban facilities are in urgent need. Optimal emergency response dispatching has been always a great concern. One important element for emergency preparedness is the ability of sending emergency services and relief goods to incident locations in a timely manner. Both availability and accessibility of emergency services play important roles in emergency response. The proposed System can estimate the emergency needs for different areas, and propose the optimal dispatching emergency team and required equipments based on the available resources and proportional needs of each area.



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