The Hazard Mitigation Assistance Application Process

Reduce Complexity and Provide Activity Specific Guidance

The complexity of the current HMA submission process is an impediment to encouraging subapplicants to pursue mitigation. Improving the user experience of the eGrants system is key to improving the HMA application process. FEMA can begin improving and streamlining the submission process by developing activity specific guidance for applicants/subapplicants to include activity specific information and documentation requirements and clear process roadmaps. Reliable, consistent knowledge of NOFO releases allows for subapplicants to appropriately plan projects regardless of scope and scale. Additionally, the NOFO should be through and provide detailed information on all requirements for the subapplication that are not explicitly stated in the HMA Guidance materials. A faster review process will be more appealing for subapplicants currently waiting years between application solicitation and award of funding. Providing a checklist of required documents per eligible activity will allow applicants to submit completed application packages to FEMA and facilitate an expedited review of projects. The HMA guidance must be updated accurately reflect the new direction and policies of mitigation. The current guidance is out-of-date and does not provide applicants/subapplicants with sufficient understanding of mitigation project requirements and program administration to successfully pursue projects. This knowledge gap places a burden on applicants, subapplicants, and FEMA regional staff to constantly solve and resolve repetitive issues. Updated guidance and job aids can provide clarity.



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