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Regulating the rights of firearms possesion

Every human in the world feels deeply sad for what happened in Connecticut shooting. I am a physician and I sense a very serious issue in the appropriate right of possession of firearms from the psychiatric aspects. We are seeing these kind of killings of innocent children and adults. Every perpetrator (with/without a health issue) creates a ration of his own to justify his action. His justification might be impaired by the state of his mind or even body. I had profound thoughts about these issues and I would like to propose that 'Any person who is in possession of a firearm should have a psychiatric evaluation passed before he can own a weapon'. I am not saying this to increase the doctor's income in anyway. So, I would like to suggest that the Government should guide the primary care physicians to rotate for a weekly clinic for assessing the persons who have firearms.This means a physician should do a clinic duty for some hours in assessing the individuals who own/want to own a firearm. This is to be made mandatory to all primary care physicians with a board certification. Also hospitals should be guided to conduct camps for these assessments involving resident training. 'Any person who is having a psychiatric condition that is potential to impair his judgement should not be allowed to own a weapon'. This not only reduces the risk of homicides but also reduces the suicides and improve the clinical expertise of doctors in the psychiatric axis. I am not sure if there already an act like this because I am an Indian and democracy is the best system for freedom of a nation.



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