Process Administration & Letters of Map Change

Revalidation Process

LOMCs revalidated during the Revalidation process are not readily accessible or searchable for the end user on the MSC website. The way the MSC is structured revalidated cases are tied to the new map panel number and then only accessible if the user knows the revalidation case number. All other LOMCs are searchable by case number through the MSC’s Product Catalog, Letters of Map Change section. To increase the visibility of revalidated LOMCs on the MSC these cases should 1) be made searchable individually through the Letters of Map Change section of the MSC Product Catalog, 2) be listed in a distinct Revalidation section on the MSC Product Catalog site. This would be an added efficiency to the MSC which doesn’t currently exist for the end user and would also be a cost savings to FEMA in reducing the need for customers to utilize FMIX.



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