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Rural Fires

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In rural areas, served by volunteer fire departments, initial response time is important. Consider a test program that places 200-300 gallon water trailers in micro stations outside of a 5 mile radius from a vol fire department. Maybe a farmer would allow a small structure to be placed on his property that would house such an apparatus. A trailer that had a monitor/ or 1 inch booster line, and water could slow the spread of a fire in a rural field or on a farm. Much like fire extinguishers are placed in many public buildings a fire water trailer could act as a rural fire extinguisher. Ready.gov tells us that the first 48 hours are on us in a major disaster, so I borrow the catch phrase and say that the first 28 minutes or so are on us (rural citizens) in a rural fire. Not only have these in ‘public access points’ for emergency use, but design a system where local farmers etc. doing controlled burning could borrow one as a standby to prevent type thing.

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