Infrastructure Mitigation Projects

Scale Microgrid Solutions

Regarding the Building Resilient Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (BRIC), Scale Microgrid Solutions recommends that clean distributed technologies such as microgrids be actively considered as resilient solutions and included in the grant program. As an example, because of the life-threatening risk of wildfires in California, utilities are having to pro-actively cut power to entire communities to prevent fires from starting in those areas. In those cases, public safety facilities, hospitals and other critical community services, are often without electricity for hours or even days. Back-up diesel generators simply cannot reach the scale or manage the fuel logistics to accommodate those needs. While natural disasters are increasing in both frequency and magnitude, the U.S. has developed technologies that can mitigate those disasters and provide additional consumer and community safety. We should ensure that these innovations are allowed to participate in these programs and benefit communities impacted by these events. Distributed energy resource (DER) technologies have proven to be responsive, agile, and, because of their distributed nature, more easily isolated from the main grid. While many different types of DER technologies warrant evaluation as part of the comprehensive strategy required, clean energy microgrids will play an especially important role in ensuring that mission critical infrastructure can continue to operate in the face of natural disaster.



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