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Social Media and Mental Health

The effects of social media on our mental health, how ideas help change our thinking patterns to produce positive results. How abuses occur, and what prevents those from expressing illness in a way that causes harm to others via mentions or by describing events which have caused them mental health issues. How to overcome trauma associated with being put on sides in life, handling insults to those identifying characteristics, and that affects ones ability to perform and energy levels. How much does how we look and sound affect the way we are treated and accepted by others. Why is a more conservative approach to advocacy for the best interests of others preferred over expression of self for the sake of garnering acceptances in life. What measures can be taken to prevent the misuse of the identities of others for betterment of ones own identity. What makes us unique to our environment stand out from the rest, and when is it best to blend in. How does how we appear in reality affect our output online and how much does how we appear online affect how we are responded to in our reality. Life on Land versus Life Online, is having two separate lives advantageous to our health socially, what skills are lost upon decreased human interaction, is socialization a necessary skill to exhibit to have, is it okay to wait to be social.



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