Improving FEMA Internal Processes and Human Capital

Telework while commuting

With a laptop and an iPhone with a personal hot spot, it is possible to effectively telework from anywhere. Consider allowing time spent during the daily commute on-line and working to count as work hours (since they are). Frankly, sitting in a bus, a train or a passenger vehicle (as a passenger) is no less hospitable and conducive to work than our current office environment -- in fact, it can be more so (quiet without interruptions.) If not full credit, perhaps 50% credit -- the point is whether or not the employee is working or not, and given the expeditionary nature of our work and workforce, it seems incongruous to say you can't work while commuting. It would be a big boost for morale, especially for long-distance commuters. Perhaps give employees a choice between telework and "commuterwork" as part of the work schedule? (And yes, I am currently commuting 90 minutes each way into DC by MARC, and already log-in and begin work as soon as board the trainji each way.)



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