Mitigation Framework: Guiding Principles

Terrorism Modus Operandi Alerts

Since most terrorists generally know their planned targets, and they are trained in a particular mode of operation (modus operandi/ M.O.), I am of the opinion that their attack planning can be delayed and harmed by keeping the public appropriately advised ... similar to what we do with "Amber Alerts" for a missing child. If the terrorists believe that an informed public knows how to identify them, and their activities, their attack(s) may be long disrupted. The danger is that the terrorists may change their M.O. and become far more cautious. On the positive side, a terrorist's fear of exposure may prevent an attack ... and the delay of an attack keeps the terrorists at risk of detection. What is being proposed is a terrorism alert system that has both positives and negatives ... and will require very careful consideration before implementation. What I am suggesting is that we start the debate on a terrorist M.O. alert system before expected increases in terrorist activities occur.



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