Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

The First 72

While there are many variations of 72-hour preparedness plans, none are pocket size. "The First 72" could be a basic tri-fold pamphlet (8 1/2 X 11 paper size ... similar to other products FEMA distributes) that could easily fit in a person's pocket or purse. If it was cost-effective, this pamphlet could be laminated for extra durability. This tri-fold style would create six panels; one for a cover and key points and five other panels to list the remaining 72 actions or items that individuals/families need to help survive the first 72 hour after a disaster. This pamphlet could reference other web sites and resources for more detail preparedness materials. The pamphlet could be included as a potential handout during various national preparedness campaigns, such as for tornado, earthquake, and hurricane; and shared with state & private sector partners for possible extended distribution. When a major disaster declaration, including Individual Assistance, is issued, a state-wide media campaign could be implemented by the JFO EA staff to share and distribute the pamphlet utilizing the recent event as motivation for all citizen to be prepared for the next potential disaster. Depending on the nature of the event, individual comments from disaster survivors could be used to explain how actions or items on the list were necessary to help them survive or minimize damages until assistance arrived. These interviews could also be used in a national media campaign and easily could be adapted for social media outlets. Submitted by Gene Romano, R5 EA DAE



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