Priority 4 – Enable Disaster Risk Reduction Nationally

Tornado Alert for the Deaf

Our school has a First Lego League team and they have been challenged to come up with a problem and solution related to natural disasters.


Storm Chasers' Problem: Deaf and profoundly hearing impaired people who live alone do not have a great way to be alerted of a tornado warning. In Mississippi, many tornado warnings happen at night, when people are sleeping.


Solution: Develop an app that uses currently existing vibrating alarm clock wristbands/watches (such as Lark or Fitbit) to alert deaf people of the danger.


The Storm Chasers met with an app developer at Mississippi State University and he offered some suggestions for writing software for an iPhone app, Android app, and website app.


The team (comprised of 12-14 year olds) are excited about the idea of learning Objective C and Java so that they could write a program and give it away for free as a public service project.



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