Strategic Foresight Initiative

Use GPS and Multiple use cards to reduce human trafficking

This post is to get people to think of new ways to solve this darn human trafficking and school safety challenges.

Can inventors include the latest in GPS chips products to be securely placed in school IDs? Perhaps people could be given a card that serves as an all-in-one debit/school ID/Drivers license Card. A GPS chip would be included within these cards. Whenever a person is to buy gas, food or drinks you would use this new card for such purposes. If you were pay in cash, this card would be required to be swiped beforehand. In other words, no valid driver's license, no gas. Your cell phones text messaging service and social medias would require you to have this card nearby, as well. Other than to home or to authorities.

I realize this proposal is full of RED FLAGS of privacy concerns. Perhaps to deactivate this card for such purposes, a person would be given the right to act out of this program. However, if a teen is a runaway and can't be found, the parent can call a phone number to activate this GPS chip. Then these chips will show the location of the person of these cards.

When dealing with school safety, I believe a larger area of school grounds should be fenced off. . Then new small buildings could be placed around this newly larger fenced off area for students to check in. This way there is another layered fence and gates around the school building. Then the now direct access into the school. Can all weapons have these GPS chips; then if stolen from homes. These chips will be activated. These gates will have GPS readers to alert

authorities. Then we save lives



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