Building and Sustaining Preparedness: A National Campaign

Use of EMPG funded positions to supplement FEMA

FEMA funds many state/county emergency management positions. FEMA should consider adding, as part of the grant agreement, the voluntary deployment of EMPG funded personnel to assist in disaster response and recovery. First FEMA would gain a cadre of emergency management employees with knowledge, skills, experience and abilities that could greatly help FEMA perform their mission. By assigning state EMPG funded employee to assist or work with other state emergency management organizations and county/local EMPG funded empolyees to work/assist other county/local level organizations there is an added trust/respect that is shared as well. Each understand the state or local issues. This system would also allow those EMPG funded employees to learn more through experiences at disasters and that experience could then be used to further inhance the preparedness in their state or county. FEMA could set minium standards for training and experience as well.



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