Topic 3: Analysis, Tools and Information for Risk Reduction Decision-Making

User Friendly Decision support tools using best available data

The Nature Conservancy has created the Coastal Resilience ( ) decision support tool to aid local and state planners in defining their risk and developing strategies and solutions to address those risks. It allows the user to pick and choose which data they want to view and to choose varied scenarios of flood risk.

It is important to develop interactive tools such as this one that allow local planners easy access to data and information necessary to assess risk and develop solutions. It is especially important that more technical data is synthesized, made accessible and applied in specific locations to inform and empower hazard risk reduction planning.

In addition, it is important that training is provided to assist local decision makers on how to carry out a planning process that helps them develop their hazard mitigation plans drawing on information such as provided by the coastal resilience decision support tool.



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